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On-Site Live Training for Organizations

Does Traumatology Institute offers live, on-site training for organizations?

Yes. In addition to Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky, we have highly experienced speakers. See their profiles HERE.

Who to contact for a speaker for on-site training.

Please contact us with some details for a consultation.

  1. How many individuals need training?
  2. When would you like the training – approximately what month, day of week, etc.
  3. Who will attend the program? Mental health clinicians or non-mental health community workers?
  4. Who will these trained workers then provide services to?

Once we have a better understanding of your team needs, we can determine how we can assist.

What are the charges for a speaker for mental health conference or organization?

For current rates, please contact us  with details of your training needs.

General costs involve: Cost of speaker; Travel (plane, train, etc.); meals; accommodation; local travel if needed; taxi if needed.

Potential costs: Student Manuals (dependent on the type of workshop) and Certificates of Completion (optional).

Topics we present at mental health conference or organization.

All of the Clinical Traumatologist courses are available for speaking appearances, as well as TI-107 Compassion Fatigue Resiliency & Recovery – Educator Model and our latest technique, Thematic Map & Release. We also design special courses by request. Contact us for details.

Government grants available to Canadian nonprofit/charitable organization for training.

Yes, the Canadian Federal Government allocated $192 million for small- to medium-sized nonprofits and charitable organizations to train their employees. It is being handled by your provincial government. For more information, please visit:

On-Site Training Resources

Pre-Workshop Package Self-Assessment Package

Dear ARP Participants

The creation of the Compassion Fatigue Workshop has been a challenge for the developers of the Accelerated Recover Program for Compassion Fatigue. We have had to streamline a vast assortment of concepts and techniques. One way we have found to save time without diminishing the quality of the training is to request that the participants complete a “Pre-Workshop Package” prior to the workshop.

In preparation for the workshop, complete the assessment instruments (scales and measures) in the Pre-Workshop Package based on your professional and personal experiences of the past week. Score the results of these instruments using the enclosed Compassion Fatigue Assessment Profile. Finally, use the “Recording Form” found below to record your scores. We ask each participant to bring all completed materials to the training workshop. Completed materials will be explained fully and used as the basis of exercises and discussions during the workshop.

The pre-workshop materials were compiled and developed to assist you in arriving at a deeper understanding of your own challenges both personally and professionally. It is the goal of the workshop developers to provide opportunities for you to increase self-awareness and from this awareness to develop strength. We believe that in knowing yourself you are better able to guide your own progress from Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction.

Primary assessment instruments includes: Download Document HERE

  • ProQOL Professional Quality of Life: Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue (ProQOL) Version 5 (Stamm, 2009)
  • TRS: Trauma Recovery Scale (Gentry, 1996, 1998)
  • Silencing Response Scale (Baranowsky, 1996, 1998)
  • Global Check Set (Baranowsky & Gentry, 2010)
  • Index of Clinical Stress (Abel, 1991)
  • Scoring instruments for all self-test scales and measures
  • Mission Statement & Letter from the Great Supervisor
  • Informed Consent Form can be found in your Training Manual which you will receive on your first day of training.

We hope that you will find the experience challenging and rewarding. Please complete all the scales in the Assessment Instrument folder and bring them to your training workshop.

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