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Trauma Recovery Program (TRP)-Self Guided Approach-Self Care

Have you experienced trauma you can’t get over?

Use this self-guided trauma healing course to help you in your trauma recovery journey.

Start harnessing calm using the Trauma Recovery Program for the next 365 days.


Who Benefits from Participation?

Anyone who

  • has experienced trauma
  • experienced something they can’t get over
  • startles easily
  • struggles with negative thoughts & beliefs
  • has overwhelming emotions
  • feels out of control in their life
  • experiences reminders of traumatic experiences
  • can’t sleep
  • avoids places or people that remind them of bad times
  • is a stakeholder or survivor or who supports someone recovering after trauma
  • This program is an entry level course and not limited to mental health professionals. No special requirements or degrees are necessary for this non-counselling course.

What Is the Trauma Recovery Program?

Developed by Dr. Anna Baranowsky through her years of experience working with trauma clients, the Trauma Recovery Program is an online, adjunctive care program to help trauma survivors learn to manage their symptoms. Although it is not a substitute for therapy, many individuals are using the program to help themselves before they begin therapy or in conjunction with direct counselling services to keep them moving in the right direction.

TRP is for you if…

You’ve had an accident, been in a war zone, experienced childhood or domestic abuse, been a victim of violence, returned from military service, are recovering from injury, been diagnosed with a serious illness, work with trauma survivors, or if you’ve experienced a terrible event you can’t get over.

Our goal is to help you along the road of your growth after trauma and to encourage you to keep going every day.

The program features: daily videos, weekly learning modules, exercises templates, growth practices, breath training, and recovery stories that you access over 7 weeks.  This includes the powerful 30 day video stabilization program with Dr. Anna Baranowsky.

For more information visit:

Learning Objectives

  • Receive daily guidance with growth exercises and encouragement, allowing you access online at your own time & pace.
  • Learn easily about harnessing calm.
  • Integrate new strategies every week over 7 weeks – keep the program for the full year.
  • Practice new trauma recovery growth exercises.
  • Use a portable trauma recovery toolkit when and where you need it.
  • Learn from other people who have recovered after trauma through the unique recovery stories
  • Learn to use your breath as a healing tool.
  • Challenge negative internal messages and learn corrective challenges to inner dialogue
  • Access curated videos and extra materials.
  • Improve understanding of the impact of trauma, recognition of self-care strategies, integration of new approaches for trauma recovery.

Course Details

  • In-depth narrated interactive presentation
  • Instant access to all materials in your special package for 365 days
  • Downloadable materials for each section
  • Integrative learning games/tools and challenge quizzes
  • Special features including the 30 day video stabilization program
  • Estimated program time: 30 hours
  • Required  Readings – Downloadable materials through the online Trauma Recovery Program

Course Price: $119 CAD plus applicable taxes.

Your online trauma classes have been my absolute favorite continuing education classes due to the organized and condensed format of the material, accessibility from home, affordable price, and exhaustive lists of therapeutic techniques. Lisa Compton, LCSW, Midlothian, USA

Our Dedication to Your Success

We’re dedicated to your success. This is why if you are not satisfied with our courses, we will give you a full refund within 10 days of your purchase.

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