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TI-204 Tools for Trauma: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach

Learn how to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Address trauma through a cognitive, behavioral & body-oriented approach.

Foster skills in the most effective therapy treatments for your clients.


Who Benefits from Participation?

  • Social workers, nurses, psychologist, master’s level counselors
  • Mental health care professionals
  • Students must have a Master’s degree, completed or in progress, related to a clinical or counseling field; OR at least four years of counseling experience with ongoing supervision by a local registered mental health clinician.
  • Unsure if you qualify? Ask us or email

What Is Tools for Trauma: A CBT Approach?

The Tools for Trauma: A CBT Approach course is our most popular and easily the most powerful course in the CT training stream. Now that you have learned how to intervene at the earliest stage, how to assess your client and provide recovery recommendations considering individual identities and background, it is time we learn the practical techniques for trauma therapy with TI-204.

Tools for Trauma, uses the Tri-Phasic CBT trauma treatment model approach, or Trauma Practice (inspired by the work of Herman, 1992). The model takes trauma survivors through 3-phases (1) Safety & Stabilization; (2) Working through Trauma and (3) Reconnecting to Meaningful Activities in Life.

This course provides practical demonstrations of techniques, protocols and interventions, addressing the cognitive, behavioral, body-oriented, and emotional / relational aftermath of trauma using impactful approaches. It is built on the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy foundation incorporated in an experiential trauma healing course.

In this fourth course of the Clinical Traumatology designation, participants expand the specialty of their practice to include practical techniques for trauma therapy.

With our state-of-the-art technology, you will have unlimited access to this online, self-paced course for 160 days (as opposed to a 1- to 2-day training session) AND support all along the way.

Download TI-204 Course Outline HERE

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the implementation of a Three-Phase Model for trauma resolution (helping clients to harness calm, work through trauma and reconnect to meaningful activities in life).
  • Acquire over 25 practical intervention strategies for your trauma recovery toolkit. Interventions include: Trigger List Development, 3-6 Breath Training, Layering, and Effective Storytelling Approaches.
  • Trauma Practice now features new approaches inspired by recent research on neuroplasticity such as Picture Positive, Corrective Messages from Old Storylines, and the pivotal Thematic Map & Release for guiding clients who are stuck with rigidly held negative beliefs.
  • Learn underlying principles; establish a competent application of CBT Trauma Therapy.
  • Effectively aid clients to navigate through interventions that fit symptom-based needs (i.e., body; mind; behavior; emotion/relation disturbances).
  • Hands-on approaches for working with post-trauma clients through community reconnection on their path to recovery.
  • Incorporate cutting edge video stabilization exercises & online adjunctive care interventions to help clients continue to progress between therapy sessions.
  • This program is based on Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization & Recovery. 3rd (Baranowsky & Gentry, 2015).

Course Details

  • In-depth narrated interactive course presentation
  • Downloadable student manual for your personal and workplace use
  • Final quiz requiring ad passing grade of 80%
  • Estimated course time: 14 hours
  • Certificate of completion
  • 160 day access (extendable within 12 months)
  • Required Course Readings – Tools for Trauma: A CBT Approach (Manual for Course TI-204)
  • Continuing education credit if available*

Course Price: $149 CAD plus applicable taxes.

I have been using the techniques I have learned from the program so far, and have seen great results. It is truly an honor to work with individuals who share such personal hardships… thank you for setting up such a wonderful institute. I am enjoying the traumatology work immensely! Nancy Tavares-Jones

Our Dedication to Your Success

We’re dedicated to your success. If you are not satisfied with our courses, we will give you a full refund within 10 days of your purchase.

Register for course CBT TI-204 OR for the complete designations, Click Clinical Traumatologist or Community & Workplace Traumatologist.

Organizations that Recognize Traumatology Institute Programs

    • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (AAETS)*
    • Board of Behavioral Sciences – California*
    • Canadian Professional Counsellors Association*
    • Canadian Psychological Association*
    • Green Cross Academy of Traumatology*
    • National Association of Social Workers*
    • National Center for Crisis Management*
    • U.S. Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress*
    • International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP)*

*Separate application required.


In the Clinical Traumatologist stream, courses are limited to those students with appropriate qualifications.

  • Students must have a Master’s degree, completed or in progress, related to a clinical or counseling field; OR at least four years of counseling experience with ongoing supervision by a local registered mental health clinician.

If we learn that a student does not meet our minimum qualifications, he/she will be removed from the program, will not receive a Certificate of Completion and course fees will not be refunded.

Please ensure that you understand this disclaimer.

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