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TI-401 School Crisis Response Certificate

Gain the skills to handle the aftermath of a school crisis

Learn how to formulate structured crisis plans

Acquire skills in addressing emergent psychological needs


Who would Benefit from Participation?

    • School administrators, management, and support staff.
    • Mental health teams and health care professionals.
    • All educators, as well as volunteers who work within the Educational system
    • This course is an entry level course and not limited to mental health professionals. No special requirements or degrees are necessary for this entry-level non-counselling training stream.

What is School Crisis Response Certificate Course?

Our School Crisis Response course was developed in collaboration with leading trauma organization the National Center for Crisis Management and American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress with Dr. Brad Lindell. It is a standalone course and one of the Special Trauma Course.

School and school boards have a huge responsibility in handling the aftermath of crisis within and beyond the borders of the classroom.  With this huge task weighing on their shoulders comprehensive school crisis response plans must be developed.  Plans typically focus on the structure of crisis response—in the aftermath of a tragedy, along with strategies and interventions to address the needs of students, families, communities and staff. For example, they address such issues as: who will serve as members of a school crisis response team? What are the specific roles of team members? How will information be shared with the school family?  And, what shall we do to help?

Structured plans are developed and implemented by school districts, but may not fully address the important element of school crisis response. For example, once students have been assembled in a lounge, library or other venue, what is done to help them? What is the goal of early intervention? Who is truly prepared to address emergent psychological needs?

Our School Crisis Response Certificate course answers these growing questions and more in an online, self-paced, byte-sized manner.

Download TI-401 Course Outline HERE

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the structure and process for effectively managing the wide spectrum of school-based crises—from the seemingly manageable to the most severe.
  • Lessen the negative impact resulting from the stress/trauma caused by a school crisis.
  • Develop an invaluable resource in preparation for, and during, actual crisis situations.
  • Empower all educators by providing a “road map” to keep people functioning and mitigate long-term emotional suffering.
  • Establish skills to address the emotional needs of people during traumatic events, also known as Acute Traumatic Stress Management.
  • Define a meaningful standard for responding after school crisis.
  • Prepare professionals who seek certification in School Crisis Response through Traumatology Institute, National Center for Crisis Management and American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.
  • Gain access to practical documents and checklists for responding after a School Crisis.

Course Details

        • In depth narrated interactive course presentation
        • Downloadable manual for your personal and workplace use
        • Final quiz with requiring a passing grade of 80%
        • Estimated course time: 7 hours
        • Certificate of completion
        • 160 day access (extendable within 12 months)
        • Required Course Readings – A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in our Schools (2012, 6th Ed.) (Manual for Course TI-401)
        • Continuing education credit if available*

Course Price: $285 CAD plus applicable taxes.

I do not know when the last time I have felt so challenged, & stimulated. You all have done a fantastic job with these courses. I am so grateful! – D. R.

Our Dedication to Your Success

We’re dedicated to your success. If you are not satisfied with our courses, we will give you a full refund within 10 days of your purchase.

Register for course TI-401 OR for the complete designations, Click Clinical Traumatologist or Community & Workplace Traumatologist.

Organizations that Recognize Traumatology Institute Programs

    • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (AAETS)*
    • Board of Behavioral Sciences – California*
    • Canadian Professional Counsellors Association*
    • Canadian Psychological Association*
    • Green Cross Academy of Traumatology*
    • National Association of Social Workers*
    • National Center for Crisis Management*
    • U.S. Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress*
    • International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP)*

*Separate application required.

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