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Community & Workplace Traumatologist

Is helping trauma survivors your calling?

Are you ready to strengthen your Trauma Informed Care skills?

Build on skills with practical learning approaches and make a difference in trauma care.


Who Benefits from Participation?

  • First responders (e.g., fire/rescue, emergency medical services, law enforcement)
  • Mental health, community health care professionals and volunteers working with trauma survivors
  • This is an entry-level program and no pre-requisites are required to receive the Trauma Evaluation & Community Resources certificate other than successful course completion.

What Is Community & Workplace Traumatologist Program?

Our Community & Workplace Traumatologist designation is an all-inclusive, non-clinical, online program, specially designed for those who recognize the urgent need to provide the right care after trauma, beyond the therapy office. CWT offers a unique opportunity to equip you with definitive skills and strategies to assist trauma survivors during their most difficult times. No degree is necessary. We know the first person a trauma survivor will rely on is you.

Participants will enhance, develop and demonstrate their accomplishments in Community & Workplace Traumatologist techniques and skills under supervision. The supervision is in the form of written feedback on students’ assignments.

This trauma healing course helps build the best foundation for helping trauma survivors with powerful resources.

Download CWT program Outline HERE

Community & Workplace Traumatology Bundle Savings:

TI-1001;  TI-102; 103; 104; 105; 106; 107 (7 courses)

Total $665.95 less almost 20% – true value pricing Canadian $532.76

The 7 on-line courses in the Community $ Workplace Traumatologist designation program are as follows:

  • TI-1001: Early Intervention Field Traumatologist – $139 – Learn More
  • TI-102: Trauma Evaluation & Community Resources – $75 – Learn More
  • TI-103: Standards of CWT Trauma Care: Attachment, Systems & Context – $75 – Learn More
  • TI-104: Motivational Interviewing after Trauma – $79 – Learn More
  • TI-105: Group Approaches for Community Trauma Response – $119 – Learn More
  • TI-106: Supervision in Community & Workplace Traumatology – $149 – Learn More
  • TI-107: Compassion Fatigue Resiliency & Recovery – Educator $29.95 – Learn More


How the Community & Workplace Traumatologist Program Works

You may enroll in the courses individually or as an entire designation.

All courses other than TI-106 can be completed individually.  Enrollment in TI-106 is only permitted after successfully completing all other courses in this certificate stream.

We recommend that the courses in Community & Workplace Traumatology Program be taken sequentially in numbered order. The only exception to this rule is that students  must complete all of the courses plus TI-107 before beginning TI-106 as all the assignments and learning in TI-106 rely on an integration of materials from all previous CWT designation courses.

Those who successfully complete the full Community & Workplace Traumatologist training curriculum are entitled to use the TITC-CWT designation (which stands for Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum, Community & Workplace Traumatologist).

Program Details

  • In-depth narrated interactive course presentation
  • Downloadable student manual for your personal and workplace use
  • Final quiz requiring a passing grade of 80%
  • Estimated course time for all 7 courses: 91 hours (+ additional time for assignments)
  • Certificate of completion + Traumatologist Certificate of Completion (TITC-CWT)
  • Complete 2+1 assignments for course 106 (need to use at least one consenting client for the assignments. Please ensure that a consenting client is available for the duration of this course, as well as allocate additional time to complete these assignments)
  • Graded assignments (reviewed by Dr. Baranowsky and will be given a pass/fail grade)
  • 160 day access (extendable within 12 months)
  • Required course readings for each course
  • Continuing education credit if available*

CWT Value Bundle Price: $532.76 CAD plus applicable taxes.

The program (Community and Workplace) is not only a perfect fit in terms of how I would like to approach any potential vocational endeavors… the information and learning is very clearly put together; is relevant; is so up to date in terms of treatment: and hints of the “First Aid” modeling for intervention is fitting in terms of my old life as a paramedic; some of the Incident Command information, for instance, is somewhat a review of things we needed to learn for the street for physical injury.Darren Gregory, Paramedic (Retired)

Our Dedication to Your Success

We’re dedicated to your success. If you are not satisfied with our courses, we will give you a full refund within 10 days of your purchase.

Register for complete designations, Click Clinical Traumatologist or Community & Workplace Traumatologist.

Organizations that Recognize Traumatology Institute Programs

    • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (AAETS)*
    • Board of Behavioral Sciences – California*
    • Canadian Professional Counsellors Association*
    • Canadian Psychological Association*
    • Green Cross Academy of Traumatology*
    • National Association of Social Workers*
    • National Center for Crisis Management*
    • U.S. Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress*
    • International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP)*

*Separate application required.

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