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What is PTSD and how do I recover after a traumatic event?

People ask me that question everyday and I know that it takes courage, dedication and daily practice to experience post-traumatic growth and recovery.  This is exactly why I built the Trauma Recovery Program so you can work toward trauma recovery with guided support every day.

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Trauma Treatment Online Program
Be part of your own healing team – help yourself move forward every day.


This online program and materials were designed to assist trauma survivors and those that support, work with and care for survivors from all walks of life. Life after trauma can undermine our ability to cope with the demands of every day events, work, school and relationships.

Everyone of us is “hard-wired” with a mechanism that helps us get away from danger when exposed to something threatening. However, at times the danger signals keep firing long after the trouble has passed. This causes a lot of difficulties and is the reason why people do not always recover easily after trauma. Thankfully, we are also wired with a mechanism that we can harness to reprogram us to feel calm and relaxed again.

Use the right approaches everyday to lay a recovery foundation.

These programs and materials have been developed with you in mind. We hope that they are of benefit to you.

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