Group Approaches for Community Trauma Response (TI-105)



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Group Approaches for Community Trauma Response


Group Approaches for Community Trauma Response explores peer models of group intervention with trauma survivors.  Psychoeducational group approaches with self-help and personal empowerment components will form the basis of this program.  Various types of program promotion and admission procedures will be addressed.

Who would benefit from participation?

This course is one component of the Community Traumatologist designation and will benefit professionals, paraprofessionals, and volunteers who work with trauma survivors or wish to gain skills to do so.  The courses in this certificate stream are designed to enhance skills development among individuals whose work, volunteer or personal activities take them into contact with individuals or groups who have been directly exposed to trauma.

Participants will:

  • Peer and “Support” type group approaches for work with trauma survivors that include:
  • Supportive, Psychoeducational, Self-Help, Personal Empowerment Models
  • Group member selection decisions
  • Promotion and program development
  • Learn underlying principles of group dynamics
  • Addressing the needs of trauma survivors in a group format
  • Selecting an appropriate group model for the needs of your group and the setting
  • Practical applications of group models

Group Approaches for Community Trauma Response Course Listing

The On-line course in the CWT stream follows:

TI-105: Group Approaches for Community Trauma Response $119

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Course Evaluation:

Students are required to complete all training materials on-line, read through the manual and other related or recommended materials.  Certificates of Completion for the course and the stream will be provided once all requirements are met.

Required Course Readings:

Group Approaches for Community Trauma Response (Manual for Course 105)

What you Get if you complete the course Online:

  • Instant access to all the courses in your special package
  • A downloadable manual for each program
  • In depth narrated course presentations
  • A certificate of completion
  • Special features based on your selected package above
  • Continuing Education Credits (for details see
  • Recognition for your training through the National Center for Crisis Management, American Association of Experts in Traumatic Stress, Green Cross, International Association of Trauma Professionals (separate application required)
  • Ongoing support for your questions and training
  • Full refund within 10 days if you are not satisfied – we are dedicated to your success in our programs and want you to be happy with your experience.

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