Clinical Traumatologist

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Clinical Traumatologist Program

This program is designed for professional care-providers who offer clinical and counselling services for trauma survivors or wish to gain the skills to do so. This skills-based program provides participants with a comprehensive framework for survivor needs, assessment and evaluation, and treatment through the trauma recovery cycle as well as addressing care for the caregiver.

This Program series highlights the best practices in trauma intervention while contributing theoretical knowledge and practical skill-development opportunities. Designed for care professionals who have at least a Master’s degree completed or in progress, related to a clinical or counselling field OR a minimum of four years with a counselling mandate with regular supervision.

Completion of the following courses (or equivalencies) is required for CLINICAL TRAUMATOLOGIST Certificate of Completion: TI-1001, 202 – 207. Combinations of in-person and on-line courses are accepted. Participants must complete 202-205 before enrolling in course 206.

Those who successfully complete the entire Clinical Traumatologist training curriculum are entitled to use the TITC-CT designation (which stands for Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum, Clinical Traumatologist).

Clinical Traumatology Course Listing

The Clinical Traumatology program’s 7 on-line courses are as follows:

TI-1001: Early Intervention Field Traumatology $139

TI-202: Overview of Assessment & Interventions $75

TI-203: Clinical Standards of Trauma Care: Attachment, Systems & Context $75

TI-204: Tools for Trauma: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approach $149

TI-205: Group Approaches with Trauma Survivors $119

TI-206: Supervision in Clinical Traumatology $149

TI-207: Compassion Fatigue Specialist $169

True Value Bundle Includes:

TI-1001; TI-107; TI-202; 203; 204; 205; 206; 207 for the Clinical Traumatologist Certificate of Completion. $905 less almost 20% – true value pricing $760

Course costs are in Canadian Dollars. Taxes are additional
All courses remain active in your student account for 160 days after the date of enrollment

How the courses work

We recommend that the courses in each curriculum series be taken consecutively in numerical order. The only exemption from this model is that students in the Clinical Traumatology stream must finish all of the courses plus TI-207 prior to starting TI-206 as the syllabus for TI-206 depends on an amalgamation of the content from the preceding CT courses.

This process of study presents an opportunity to blend your knowledge into a coherent system for meaningful post-trauma intervention.

All of the courses present possibilities for studying through online exercises, assignments and unit quizzes but mainly are for your education and are not acquired for grading. Submissions from the final Supervision course in the CT series (TI-206) will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis only by Traumatology Institute staff. These assignments in addition to the successful completion of syllabus, will fulfill the specifications of the program.

Each course requires the successful completion of a Final Quiz. Your grade must be higher than 80% to pass these quizzes. When all of the courses are completed a Certificate of Completion in your selected stream will be made available on the E-learning site. You will be able to print your own Certificate of Completion from any computer linked to a printer.


Our certification is administered through the Traumatology Institute, but there are applications available for additional international certification via the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (AAETS) and Green Cross Academy of Traumatology in the U.S. Both organizations accept our training and supply advanced certification.