Compassion Fatigue Courses

The Compassion Fatigue courses address the needs of care-providers both professional, para-professional, volunteers, family, friends and community members.  These resiliency enhancement programs were developed for those caring for seriously ill, injured or traumatized/troubled people.  These popular programs were designed to be both didactic and experiential.

There are two programs to choose from:


1.  Compassion Fatigue: Resiliency & Recovery Educator Model (TI-107)

A brief resiliency enhance program designed for those looking to understand the concept of Compassion Fatigue, burnout and self-care.  This is a self-care, personal reflection program that provides a foundation in understanding both the risks and resiliency factors when caring for others in both a professional and non-professional capacity.  No prerequisites are required to complete this program.

2.  Compassion Fatigue Specialist Training (TI-207)

This course is for mental health care professionals with a minimum of a Master’s degree (or an M.A. in progress), or 4-years of counselling work with on-going supervision. This program is a comprehensive Compassion Fatigue resiliency course designed with caring professionals in mind. Participants will learn about Compassion Fatigue and recovery interventions using the Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP, Gentry, Baranowsky & Dunning, 1997). This workshop provides all the tools necessary for the participant to implement the five-session ARP protocol for assisting professionals who have become compassion fatigued as a result of their caring work. The program is both didactic and experiential.