Supervision in Clinical Traumatology (TI-206)



NOTE. Students must complete TI-1001, 202, 203, 204, 205 & 207 prior to enrolling in 206.

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Supervision in Clinical Traumatology (TI-206)

Is offered as an On-line course in the Clinical Traumatology stream:

TI-206: Supervision in Clinical Traumatology

Canadian $ 149.00 plus applicable taxes. Students will have 160 days access to this course.

  • Full refund within 10 days if you are not satisfied – we are dedicated to your success in our programs and want you to be happy with your experience.

Course Objectives:

Group Supervision in Clinical Traumatology provides a forum for participants to improve and demonstrate their accomplishments in Clinical Traumatology techniques and skills under supervision. The practicum is available in a workshop format created to challenge and aid the growth of participants into proficient providers of care for traumatized individuals, organizations, families and communities.

Who would Benefit from Participation?

This program is one part of the Clinical Traumatology Stream and will be of value to psychologists, social workers, master’s level counselors and other skilled mental health professionals. Participants will expand the specialty of their practice into the field of trauma recovery. The courses on this path are created to improve skills development amid individuals whose profession brings them into contact with individuals or groups who have been exposed to a traumatic event.

Participant Learning Goals:

  • Practice efficient screening, intake & assessment skills with trauma survivors
  • Practice proficient case management with traumatized clients including report-writing, recording, ancillary services and referral
  • Create and employ trauma stabilization and resolution interventions where the focus is placed on cultivating mastery in a chosen brief treatment, theory-driven procedure
  • Establish and maintain practical treatment trajectories with traumatized individuals utilizing a three-stage model
  • Develop and utilize outcome measurements for working with clients to assess effectiveness
  • Expand action plans to approach biases, blind spots and deficiencies discovered in the supervision process
  • Promote strong skills in sustaining non-anxious presence; become increasingly intentional and less reactive.


NOTE. Students must complete  TI-1001, 202, 203, 204, 205 & 207 prior to enrolling in 206.

Participants are required to have the following qualifications to enrol in these programs:
A minimum of a Master’s Degree or higher qualifications within a counselling type program or
enrolment in a Master’s level program with a counselling mandate
A minimum of 4 years of counselling work with ongoing supervision.

Course Evaluation:

Students are required to complete all training materials on-line, complete quizzes (final quiz 80% min. required), submit assignments, read through the manual and other related or recommended materials. Certificates of Completion for the course and the training stream will be provided once all requirements are met.

Required Course Readings:

Supervision in Clinical Traumatology (Manual for Course TI-206)

How the Course Works

We recommend that the courses in each curriculum series be taken sequentially in numbered order, other than 206 which must be completed after 207. All the assignments and learning in CT Certificate rely on an integration of materials from all previous CT courses.

This process of study provides a chance to weave knowledge into a cohesive system for appropriate post-trauma intervention.

All of the courses offer opportunities for learning through online exercises, assignments and unit quizzes but many are simply for your learning only and are not submitted for grading. Assignments from the final Supervision course in the CT series will be reviewed and considered on a pass/fail basis only by Traumatology Institute staff. These submissions, along with the successful completion of core curriculum, will satisfy the requirements of the program.

Each course requires the successful completion of a Final Quiz. Your grade must be higher than 80% to pass these quizzes. When all of the course requirements are completed a Certificate of Completion in your selected stream will be made available on the E-learning site. You will be able to print your own Certificate of Completion from any computer linked to a printer.

Our certification is provided through Traumatology Institute but you can also apply for additional international certification through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (AAETS); the International Association of Trauma Professionals and Green Cross Academy of Traumatology in the U.S. They all acknowledge our training and provide advanced certification.


  • Instant access to all the courses in your special package
  • A downloadable manual for each program
  • In depth narrated course presentations
  • A certificate of completion
  • Special features based on your selected package above
  • Continuing Education Credits (for details see
  • Recognition for your training through the National Center for Crisis Management, American Association of Experts in Traumatic Stress, Green Cross, International Association of Trauma Professionals (separate application required)
  • Ongoing support for your questions and training
  • Full refund within 10 days if you are not satisfied – we are dedicated to your success in our programs and want you to be happy with your experience.

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