Standards of Trauma Care (TI-203)



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Standards of Trauma Care: Attachment, Systems & Context (TI-203)

Is offered as an On-line course in the Clinical stream:

TI-203: Standards of Trauma Care

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Course Objectives:

The goal of Clinical Standards of Trauma Care is to train the trauma care professional to learn the practical applications of the traumatology skills, theory and research among individuals and communities affected by trauma. The program examines gender, age, race, social class, culture, community standards of care, systemic issues, and other factors that are integral in creating and implementing a program that fits client needs with suitable treatment.

Who Would Benefit from Participation?

This course will benefit psychologists, master’s level counselors, social workers and other skilled mental health professionals who work with trauma survivors or wish to gain skills to do so. Participants will expand the specialty of their practice into the field of trauma recovery.

Participant Learning Goals:

  • Development & Attachment
  • The legacy of Traumatized children
  • Treatment of Traumatized Children
  • Recognize how family systems are relative to traumatic stress and be able to provide systemic interventions with the entire traumatized family and/or other system(s)
  • Making Trauma Work Systemically
  • Cross Cultural Competencies & Standards of Care for Traumatologists
  • Distinguish the different trauma reactions among different cultural, age, gender, racial, groups and communities
  • Creating awareness of own and other’s cultural values and framework

Course Evaluation:

It is mandatory for students to attend all sessions or complete supplementary assignments in order to successfully complete this course. Please refer to the Student Evaluation Package for the assignment schedule, the grading, and the instructions.

Required Course Readings:

Clinical Standards of Care: Attachment, Systems & Context (Manual for Course TI-203)


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  • Full refund within 10 days if you are not satisfied – we are dedicated to your success in our programs and want you to be happy with your experience.

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