School Crisis Response – Brief Toolkit

Disasters affect people in many ways. The physical effects – loss of loved ones, pain or physical disability, damage to or destruction of homes and property and cherished belongings – are usually obvious. Short-term emotional effects, such as fear, acute anxiety, feelings of emotional numbness, or grief, are very common.

For most victims of disasters, these responses fade with time, but there may be longer-term emotional effects that do not fade. The emotional effects of a disaster may show up immediately or may appear months later. They may be obviously related to the disaster or their origin may go unrecognized.

The Toolkit Download is filled with resources that you can use in the event of a disaster or trauma in a school based setting.

Remember that this FREE Toolkit is not a replacement for skilled on-site Field Trauma Response.  Having a professional post-trauma response team assist at your school in the aftermath of trauma is an essential ingredient to for managing the needs of those most impacted as well as possible.


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