Student Stories

Don’t take our word for it … hear what our students are saying about our In Class training

Hi Anna [Kozina], great training in Ottawa…We think you are absolutely marvelous and give us such practical stuff to work with. Hopefully you would be able to come back again to our healing retreat and stay if you would like to.

Gaye Feller, Therapist, Sexual Assault Centre for Quinte & District

Thank you for your feedback and your willingness to help during the entirety of my time working with your institute.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this program. I describe it to others as everything I wanted, yet didn’t get, out of grad school (apart from having an actual practicum). I also want to add that I am intrigued by the diversity of ways you are promoting trauma practice and treatment – facebook, youtube, traumaline1, etc. I think you are doing really great work for this field. It was a pleasure working with you

Genevieve Berube

Thank you for an outstanding training, it was one of the best experiences that I had from many other trainings that I’ve done. The wealth of information, the productivity of all activities, resources and the dynamic of the group was amazing. Thank you for being very approachable, generous with sharing your knowledge, and being a wonderful human being.

Garmen Eliehnazlo, Bayview Services

I took the Certified Compassion Fatigue Training with you in November 2011. I work at Oakville Trafalgar Hospital Wellness Program. I just finished the last session with my client. It is amazing the progress, achievement and happiness that she has now experienced and I wanted to let you know it has been an absolutely invigorating and moving experience for me as a clinician. This particular person  affects so many people in her work and life and is now modeling phenomenal self care skills. All her SUDS levels are down from 8’s to 2-3’s. It is just amazing.

Eileen Belzner, MSW; Halton Health Care Services, Wellness Program, Ontario, Canada

I wanted to send off a huge thank you. My experience was nothing short of exceptional, educational and very experiential. I came away from the program, a little wiser and filled with much gratitude for what i was able to integrate and put into practice. I am preparing for another tour in Afghanistan and will be reviewing your materials beforehand – some of the best material out there for our purposes. Your teachings will be critical to me and my colleagues … I can’t think of another educational experience which has impacted my work with others and my orientation to my own self care as profoundly as this one.

Social Work, Name Withheld, Canadian National Defense, Base Borden, Ontario, Canada

My clients are benefitting greatly. I can’t express enough how much I’ve benefited because I have real practical skills to offer my clients.

Melissa Strachan, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much Dr. Baranowsky. I have gained so much throughout the program and can honestly say that I have successfully applied the new knowledge to my clinical work. I also really appreciated the opportunity to further develop my ability to maintain self awareness and engage in self care. This is undoubtedly a necessity when focusing exclusively on trauma work as a clinician. I am really grateful for the opportunity to study with the traumatology institute and you will absolutely find me on traumaline1 soon as it gets rolling.

Kelli McMillan

I don’t really know how to say thank you for the training, insights, further education and understanding … I have such a different experience in the work I do with clients and with more confidence and skill … thank you thank you thank you Anna for taking the time to study and pull together all the pieces that you have and continue to do … as a result, change is happening all around

Joanne Smit

I’d like to say how much I enjoyed the weekend and the course. It was truly a rewarding and fulfilling time. I believe Dr. Baranowsky has permanently left her finger print upon all those who attended and most definitely myself. I will carry it throughout my career into all that i do for others and myself. Please know that the success that lies ahead in my life and career – Dr. Baranowsky and her team are for sure a part of it. Thank you for giving so much, so freely in such a compacted amount of time. I believe we are all richer because of it.

Dr. Michael Diotte

Anna, thank you for the learning opportunity and the generosity of giving so much of your experience and knowledge to the course. I learned a lot and took home much.

Susan Tasker

Thank you so very much for all the knowledge and amazing experiences that you have imparted and facilitated up to this point…you’ve done a remarkable job and you helped me to understand many techniques I had never before considered… And our discussions led me to ponder many, many issues and opinions and different perspectives which has opened up a wonderland of new potentials in terms of assisting others to re-engage with “hope”.

Richard Mabb

The workshop we hosted with Anna Kozina was wonderful. She skillfully connected with participants, delivered the information in such a way that the therapist whether novice or experienced left the day with many new tools to support their clients. Thank  you and we hope you will be returning to Ottawa soon!!!

MAGentix (Workshops and Training for Mental Health Professionals)

Marie Louise Boudreau (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you Anna for creating an environment which allowed us to learn on so many different levels.

Angie Rupra

I haven’t had a chance to say how grateful I am for the great experience i had this weekend at the training. It was really terrific and will be of great personal and professional value going forward.

Cheryl Amrich

Thank you for a very worthwhile and gracious as well as fun workshop.

Linda McLean

Loved the “Tools for Trauma” class. It seems as though i just gave myself a great gift attending this class. I got so much out of it both professionally and personally. I am still trying to process everything i learned. I know it will take awhile to really integrate all these tools. Yet, i am so excited to know that there are tools out there that i can use to help people….

Jeanne Reina

As I have reflected on my time in the C.F certification training, i grow more and more grateful for the entire experience. It definitely met and exceeded my hopeful expectations for coming, and I want to express my sincere appreciation for all your efforts. Thank you for an experience among colleagues that was both refreshing in its expertise and the compassion received! I am excited about using the program and continuing to process all you gave us both personally and professionally.

Carol Klekowta

Thank you for a wonderfully rich learning experience. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to come, participate and receive so much from you, Maureen, your team and my fellow class mates.

Beverly Kyer

Your course is like a spiritual conversion in that it keeps giving. Still integrating the information and experience.