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Book: What Is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing Trauma

Our newest book, What Is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing Trauma, is the perfect companion for your recovery, introducing you to techniques and strategies that have helped thousands of our clients embark on their own healing journey.

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  • Three essential steps to healing trauma – Finding Calm, Remembering your Trauma, and Beginning to Live Again!
  • How the mind and body work in determining its unique response to trauma
  • How to stay present when recovering from trauma
  • Healing with new energy, no matter how long ago the traumatic experience
  • Highly effective coping techniques to help alleviate even the most distressing symptoms
  • Recovery stories of trauma survivors, providing hope and inspiration
  • Significant ways to reconnect with others while moving forward in four critical areas for healing
  • Over 20 specially designed exercises to help the trauma survivor understand their feelings and where they are in their healing from Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Numerous worksheets for each Step in the journey

I found this book, of all the ones I have read, to be the most readable, understandable and connected to my understanding of what is PTSD. I was worried that it would be too clinical to read or understand, as are so many such books, but that was not the case. This book is a must read that I would recommend to anyone. Congratulations to both of you. Gary Rubie

Informative and well researched. Being a Trauma survivor and having been treated for this disorder I will say the book did open some old wounds so be careful to have support nearby AND – OR work through the process of self healing without hesitating. Sylvio A. Gravel


Book: Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization & Recovery

Our newest book, Trauma Practice? now in its 3rd edition, is back by popular demand, an essential reference and tool-kit for treating trauma survivors – now updated and even more comprehensive.

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  • How to Utilize the Tri-Phasic Trauma Treatment Model.
  • Step-by-step explanations of many popular and effective CBT techniques
  • Addresses the cognitive, behavioral, body-oriented, and emotional/relational aftermath of trauma using impactful care approaches
  • Interventions include: Trigger List Development, 3-6 Breath Training, Layering, Systematic Desensitization, Exposure Therapy, Story-Telling Approaches, as well as new approaches inspired by recent research on neuroplasticity such as Picture Positive, Corrective Messages from Old Storyline, and Thematic Map.
  • Guide for both seasoned trauma therapists and newer mental health professionals seeking practical approaches that work.

Recent Review
This important book both addresses what we know today at a theoretical level and, equally importantly, explains clinical methods in the context of treatment. The authors offer a comprehensive guide for clinicians working with the traumatized. The guidance is detailed. This book presents clear instructions to traumatologists, even the most experienced [and] is also an excellent resource for trainers, teachers, and educators of trauma practitioners. – From the Foreword by Charles R. Figley, PhD, Florida State University Traumatology Institute, Tallahassee, FL

Still the best book on trauma therapy in print. It remains a reader friendly clinician’s guide to working with traumatic stress. The authors provide solid research along with practical interventions. This book is a must for your trauma bookshelf. – Dr. Michael Dubi, President of the International Association of Trauma Professionals

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