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Audio CD: Compassion Fatigue Resiliency & Recovery: The ARP

Our audio recording Compassion Fatigue Resiliency & Recovery: The ARP, provides a self-help approach to address the needs of individuals exposed to secondary traumatic stress and burnout. Overcoming and managing Compassion Fatigue allows you to maintain and improve personal and professional satisfaction.


Audio CD: Recovery Now Trauma

Our audio recording Trauma Now, provides practical self-help approach to deal with emotional recovery from traumatic experiences. Learn about the impact of trauma and the importance of self-care. Engage in guided trauma recovery exercises focused on your emotional wellbeing. This recording is based on the book Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization and Recovery (Baranowsky, Gentry & Schultz, 2010) and follows a Three phase approach for trauma care. You will be guided through each phase: 1. safety and stabilization; 2. trauma memory processing and 3. reconnection on your road to trauma recovery. We are now offering this CD free to listen.

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