Recovery Now Trauma

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Recovery Now Self-Help Programs

The Recovery Now Programs were developed for individuals who wish to use a self-help approach for mental health wellness and recovery.

Recovery Now TRAUMA

The first offering is Recovery Now TRAUMA which is available for purchase through our Shopping Cart or can be purchased in an MP3.

Recovery Now TRAUMA, 2-CD SET for $37.95 or MP3 download (2010) for $17.95

Author: Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky

Learn about the impact of trauma and the importance of self-care. Engage in guided trauma recovery exercises focused on your emotional wellbeing. This recording is based on the book Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization and Recovery (Baranowsky, Gentry & Schultz, 2010) and follows a Three phase approach for trauma care. You will be guided through each phase: 1. safety and stabilization; 2. trauma memory processing and 3. reconnection on your road to trauma recovery.

This program is not a substitution for direct counseling services or trauma therapy but rather one tool that can be used in conjunction with your psychologist or mental health counselor.

Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky is a clinical psychologist in Toronto and CEO of the Traumatology Institute. She specializes in post-trauma care and has dedicated her work to assisting trauma survivors, communities and organizations after critical events. She offers comprehensive trauma training and compassion fatigue resiliency programs on-line and on-site.

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