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Compassion Fatigue Assessment Package

Please feel free to download the following pages for your interest and for pre-workshop participants to complete prior to training.

Compassion Satisfaction – Workshops

Welcome to our Compassion Fatigue Resiliency training programs! It is our great pleasure to share our work with you in an atmosphere of collegial respect and creativity. We hope that you will get as much out of our programs as we do in developing them. Please remember we are always available to offer support and guidance throughout our training. We wish you a happy and insightful journey. The original Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue was developed in 1997 by J. Eric Gentry, MA., Anna B. Baranowsky, Ph.D., and Kathleen Dunning, MS., at Florida State University – Traumatology Institute under the direction of Charles R. Figley, Ph.D.

  This image was designed by Libby Royer, LCSW, CAP, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist.  We feel it does a good job of expressing resiliency after exposure to work demands.

Dear ARP Participants.

The creation of the Compassion Fatigue Workshop has been a challenge for the developers of the Accelerated Recover Program for Compassion Fatigue. We have had to streamline a vast assortment of concepts and techniques. One way that we have found to save time without diminishing the quality of the training is to request that the participants complete a “pre-workshop package” prior to the workshop.

Pre-Workshop Package Self-Assessment

In preparation for the Workshop, complete the assessment instruments (scales and measures) in the Pre-Workshop Package based upon your professional and personal experiences of the past week. Score the results of these instruments using the enclosed Compassion Fatigue Assessment Profile. Finally, use the “Recording Form” found below to record your scores. We ask each participant to bring all completed materials to the training workshop. Completed materials will be explained fully and used as the basis of exercises and discussions during the workshop.

The Pre-workshop materials were compiled and developed to assist you in arriving at a deeper understanding of your own challenges both personally and professionally. It is the goal of the workshop developers to provide opportunities for you to increase self-awareness and from this awareness to develop strength. We believe that in knowing yourself you are better able to guide your own progress from Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction!

Select the link below for the Pre-workshop Materials & Compassion Fatigue Assignments

Each measure is found in this package with scoring information. Download the package:

Materials for Compassion Fatigue Assessment Package

Primary assessment instruments include:

  • ProQOL Professional Quality of Life: Compassion Satisfaction and Fatigue (ProQOL) Version 5 (Stamm, 2009)
  • TRS: Trauma Recovery Scale (Gentry, 1996, 1998)
  • Silencing Response Scale (Baranowsky, 1996, 1998)
  • Global Check Set (Baranowsky & Gentry, 2010)
  • Index of Clinical Stress (Abel, 1991)
  • Scoring instruments for all self-test scales and measures
  • Mission Statement & Letter from the Great Supervisor
  • Informed Consent Form can be found in your Training Manual which you will receive on your first day of training.

We hope that you will find the experience challenging and rewarding. Please complete all the scales in the Assessment Instrument folder and bring to your training workshop.

Informed Consent – Hand-in sheet

I have been advised and understand that my participation in the “Compassion Fatigue Group Training Workshop” is completely voluntary. I have been advised and understand that, as a participant of this program, I have the following rights: Respectful treatment Terminate program at any time Safe environment – free from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse Report unethical behavior Question treatment Request full information about the workshop facilitators background and affiliations Refuse disclosure I chose not to reveal Knowledge of limits of confidentiality Request information on my program progress and conclusions made.

I understand that the Compassion Fatigue Group Training Workshop is a new program and not validated by research. However, it utilizes an amalgam of procedures drawn from treatment protocols which have been supported by research literature as effective. The program has been piloted on a group of volunteers and preliminary evidence suggests that the program is an efficacious tool in the treatment of Compassion Fatigue. There are no known serious side effects of the procedures used in this program. However, it is possible that distressing unresolved memories may surface during the course of training or treatment.

The workshop was designed to reduce the intensity, frequency and duration of symptoms of Compassion Fatigue. If necessary, contracting for further individual treatment for primary or secondary traumatic stress remains available following program completion.

Video or Audiotapes may be used throughout the workshop for training purposes. In most cases you will be given the tape to keep. In some cases, the facilitator may request to use your tape for presentation or educational purposes. You have the right to refuse or accept this request as you wish.

Before beginning the program, I have thoroughly considered all of the above. I have obtained whatever additional input/or professional advice that I considered necessary. My signature below is my testament that I consent to all of the conditions and wish to proceed with the program.

Workshop Participant Date:___________


Once signed, bring to course and hand-in to the facilitator.

Recording Form – Compassion Fatigue Self-Assessment

Mission Statement Instructions

On your journey toward wellness and recovery from Compassion Fatigue we invite you to explore your early memories of being a caring person, how this led you to become a working caregiver, what that means to you and what keeps you from achieving your ideal in your work.

Please consider the following categories and try to answer them being in general or as specific as you wish. This is an exploration and therefore there can be no right or wrong approach or answer. Follow your instincts on this one and they will send you in just the right direction.


*What is it about you that led you toward helping others?


*What are the values that you will never compromise in your work with clients?


*What are you committed to offer clients? What are you committed to offer yourself?

STRENGTHS: Clients & your own

*What do you believe about your clients? What about your own strengths?


*If you were to become your ideal caregiver how would like look to you?


*What impediments keep you from this ideal?

These are just some questions designed to stir your thinking on this topic. Give yourself some time to think about your personal Mission Statement, then take the plunge and commit your thoughts to paper. However, make sure to offer yourself creative license in this endeavor. Remember, there is no right or wrong Mission Statement and, chances are, it will be in continual evolution as long as you practice in this field. This is a wonderful gift to give yourself and can be a source of empowerment and inspiration for you in the future. Enjoy!


This is my Mission.