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Trauma Therapists’ 11 BEST Practices

I started to train trauma care professionals (e.g., mental health professionals, emergency responders and other trauma care providers) in 1997 and have learned so much from the dedicated, emphatic, and skilled individuals taking courses through the Traumatology Institute both online…

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When Tragedy Strikes

When Tragedy Strikes – the Emotional Consequences of Trauma “We wouldn’t have picked up such speed if it hadn’t warmed up earlier in the day causing the snow to melt and later ice over.  The snowmobile was traveling much quicker…

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Research shows that you can increase the habit of self-compassion through practice. You can learn to be self compassionate and don’t be afraid to seek help from a therapist, psychologist, or outpatient provider. Understanding Compassion Did you know the word…

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Navigating Military Despair

The tragedy of a military service member navigating despair alone seems untenable given available resources and competent psychological trauma therapy. So why are we seeing so many individuals who work in military, policing and other emergency service roles resorting to…

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Counterbalancing Stress to Improve Our Health

Stressful conditions occur in our everyday lives, either through work, a new environment, relationships or more. The way our body responds to this is through the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is activated…

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Do you ever feel inadequate, unworthy, regretful, or disconnected? If so, you've experienced a form of shame. You don't have to overcome shame alone. Shame can be triggered by another person or a specific situation, but it can also occur…

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