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The Power of Trauma on the Body and Mind

Imagine how awful it is for a veteran to go to a store, hear a can drop and end up on the ground in mortal fear for his life.  This scenario is not unusual when a trauma memory is retriggered leaving the individual in an extreme state of panic over a perceived rather than real danger.

From a professional practice perspective, I believe that with understanding we can learn how to better serve trauma survivors utilizing a trauma informed care approach.  Learning about the power of trauma on the body and mind is a perfect starting point for everyone who strives to help those who have experienced serious life events. With over 85% of people directly exposed to trauma in their lifetime this includes most of us. Clearly, trauma is the great human equalizer.

The “how and why” of posttraumatic stress, subsequent symptoms, and symptom resolution can be understood in relation to the events that occur in the brain during and after a traumatic event. What follows is a brief description of the sequence of events during and after a trauma from a body mind perspective. This information is extremely useful when educating survivors and explaining that symptoms are a natural response to extreme events. 

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