Directory of Trauma Professionals

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How It Works

TraumaLine1 is a directory of trauma care professionals designed for trauma survivors to easily search for help from trauma care specialists. This specialized registry allows trauma counselors and other professionals to post their profiles to accentuate their individual and in-demand skills. This enables trauma therapists to be easily accessible on-line to those seeking counselors and other trauma informed response professionals.

Service Provider

Traumaline1 is a fast, secure and simple process where trained trauma therapists can post their professional profiles on-line.

As a trauma counselor, provider and responder this will allow you to increase your professional visibility by joining the TraumaLine1 site. You can have a professional looking webpage without the cost of running your own site. We help service seekers find you and manage all of the technical aspects of the website.

Even with your own website it can be difficult for those seeking trauma care to find you online without the cost of online advertisements and that constant effort spent to upgrade your Search Engine Optimization. TraumaLine1 is a matching database that works to help searchers find your profile by linking trauma survivors seeking care with trauma responders serving individuals, organizations and communities.

Traumaline1 is here to help you if you are interested in increasing your practice without the complications of building a website.

Service Seeker

Traumaline1 allows you to search for a trauma care professional who meets your needs in your area. In addition to service providers in your area, you can also find trauma specialists who offer web-based and telephone counseling services.

It can be difficult to not only know where to look for a trauma care provider, but to also find one who meets your needs. Traumaline1 can help you find a great mental health professional in your area.

Trauma therapists have specific training, qualifications and experiences, and are able to help you recover after a traumatic event.

TraumaLine1 also has helpful information and tips for what to look for in a care provider, the symptoms of PTSD, recommendations and information about treatment approaches and much more!