Traumatology Institute provides Service, Consultation and
Trauma Training for Professionals & Survivors

Do you work with Trauma Survivors? Want to Learn about PTSD?

The Traumatology Institute was established to offer comprehensive client care, assessment, and treatment & professional training and consultation.

Our mission is to provide quality services for individuals, organizations and communities with a focus on PTSD prevention and post-trauma care & training utilizing a Trauma Informed care approach.

About the Traumatology Institute (T.I.)

T.I. provides the Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum programs using Trauma Informed Care approaches, drawing from Best Practices educational models for In-Class and E-Learning.

Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky, CEO of T.I. has led the institute in all the major initiatives since 1999.  Dr. J. Eric Gentry continues to hold the role of Distance Educating Director.  The T.I. draws from an excellent network of service and training providers offering service for individuals, groups, communities and organizations.


In Class (at your location or through the T.I. in-house programming)

E-Learning at the Traumatology Institute

TI provides training at your location or in-house through our scheduled courses.
Our On-Line training format enables you to get comprehensive post-trauma training no matter where you live or work. Programs are competitively priced, informative and engaging.


Contact us directly for consultation, supervision and specialized Compassion Fatigue and Trauma Training


Contact us directly for Assessment and Treatment services in the Greater Toronto Area

Need care anywhere in the U.S. or Canada?  Visit to find trauma care professionals providing service in your area

Coming Soon — E-therapy or Online Counseling services

Want a Self-Help approach?  Visit for our new books and products


Want to learn about PTSD and self-care approaches after trauma?
Recovery Now Trauma – Self-Help CD

What is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing Trauma.  Is our new easy to read book for healing after trauma.

Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum – Program Manuals

Courses at TI are offered to a wide range of professionals – from care-providers who offer counseling services, emergency responders, nurses and doctors, mental health professionals, family therapists, employee assistance providers, supervisors, volunteers and trauma survivors.

All TI courses are non-degree credit programs that provide a great skills base for working with trauma clients using best-practice approaches within a comprehensive framework for identification, assessment, and treatment of trauma survivor needs.

Have a gentle day.

Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky, CEO, Founder & Director,
Traumatology Institute (Canada)

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