TeleMental Health Intro (TI-601)



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TI-601: TeleMental Health Intro

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Course Objectives:

This TeleMental Health Introductory Certificate Program will provide you with a primer of the industry. Dr. Marlene Maheu and Dr. Anna Baranowsky collaborate on this program to offer you a basic skills development program to begin your work offering care in a secure online platform. Dr. Maheu is the director of the well-established TeleHealth Institute and has been educating professionals in the field prepare for skilled online service delivery. You will learn about relevant definitions, legal concerns, HIPAA compliance, conducting care online and delivery options that will aid you in your first steps toward secure online meetings. Learn TeleMental Health basics and begin your online practice with a sense of confidence and competence.

Who would Benefit from Participation?

This certificate will benefit health and mental health practitioners ready to learn to use online system delivery to meet with their patients/clients. This entry level program can benefit anyone wishing to meet through an online system with those they provide services for.

Participant Learning Goals:

  • Definitions such as TeleHealth, TeleMental Health, Online Counseling, Online Therapy, and the “Teles”
  • Recognize consumer demand, the reality of working online and how to prepare for it
  • Learn about the Psychotechnologies in practice today – as well as Principles, Standards & Guidelines to ensure Standards of Care
  • Address licensure issues; Practicing Over State/Province Lines; Check Local Jurisdictions & Services; Disclaimers / Informed Consent
  • Understand HIPAA Compliance; Privacy Protection regulations regarding client contact and sharing of PHI as well as the importance of Encryption
  • Explore the pros and cons of using Social Networking
  • Reflect on the use of Telephones in practice
  • Reflect on the use of Videoconferencing in practice (e.g., Reliability; Use of Skype; other methods; production values, etc.)
  • Review of Technological Platforms through A Practical Checklist
  • Consider reimbursement (i.e., Traditional Hub and Spoke Model; billing options)
  • Address your own first steps using our Online Practice Checklist
  • Know about Risk Management – the Online Clinical Practice Model
  • Be familiar with Legal & Ethical issues & risk management
  • Be Prepared before you begin your online care services

Course Evaluation:

Students are required to complete all training materials on-line, complete quizzes, read through the manuals and other recommended materials. Certificates of Completion for the course will be provided once all requirements are met.

Required Course Readings:

TeleMental Health Introductory Certificate Program Manual (Training Manual for Course)

Course Pre-reguisties:

There are no course pre-requisites for this course. This is an entry level course.


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  • Full refund within 10 days if you are not satisfied – we are dedicated to your success in our programs and want you to be happy with your experience.

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