TeleMental Health Training

TeleMental Health Introductory Certificate

Our TeleMental Health training programs and collaborative efforts will prepare you to begin working with clients, patients and students when they cannot make it in to see you.

Dr. Marlene Maheu and Dr. Anna Baranowsky collaborate on this program to offer you skills development programs to begin your work offering care though through secure online platforms. Dr. Maheu is the director of the well-established TeleHealth Institute and has been educating professionals in the field prepare for skilled online service delivery.

You will learn about relevant definitions, legal concerns, HIPAA compliance, conducting care online and delivery options that will aid you in your first steps toward secure online meetings. Learn Telehealth basics and begin your online practice with a sense of confidence and competence.

TeleMental Health Introductory Program (TI-601)

This TeleMental Health Introductory Certificate Program will provide you with a primer of the industry. This will benefit health and mental health practitioners ready to learn to use online system delivery to meet with their patients/clients.  This entry level program can benefit anyone wishing to meet through an online system with those they provide services for.

TeleHealth Advanced Program

Thinking of offering services online or already online but still have questions. Training through the industry leaders will give you the tools to succeed. The TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. is devoted to providing you with best practices in TeleHealth.