Trauma Therapy Training that Works

TI Offers In-depth Training!

With our online training courses you quickly and easily develop skills as a trauma responder and counselor.

Our On-Line training format for Trauma Therapy Training enables you to get the training you need no matter where you live or work. These courses are not only inexpensive and convenient to take, you’ll find them informative and fun to complete.

Our courses are designed for a wide range of professionals – from care-providers who offer counseling services for trauma survivors to emergency first responders, nurses and doctors, mental health professionals, family therapists, employee assistance providers, supervisors, volunteers and even trauma survivors.

To learn more about our programs, click here for a complete overview and course listing.

Our non-degree credit programs provide a comprehensive framework for identification, assessment, and treatment of the specific short and long-terms needs of trauma survivors.

Participants benefit from theoretical knowledge and practical skill-development opportunities that highlight “best practices” in trauma intervention.

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Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky, CEO, Founder & Director,
Traumatology Institute (Canada)

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